Three key elements for D365FO warehouse outbound process

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the inauguration of the Australian #usergroupsummit in Melbourne. It has been a great event with 100+ sessions covering all things Dynamics. The level of presentation and the details of information were outstanding, and it became clear there is great need to provide insight into functions and features.
Talking about a customer led implementation of advanced warehouse management I was asked on how to best describe the main elements of the warehouse solution in #D365FO. Compared to other modules in #D365FO warehousing can feel very taunting. Here are the three pillars to explain the core of warehouse outbound.

What needs to be shipped out of the door?

This is all about the company’s release strategy to the warehouse to fulfill customer orders on time and in full. This can range from a frequent automated sales order release verifying a minimum fulfillment rate to a route planned custom build load for a milk run. Either way the ‘what’ ends in a wave that hands the processing of the customer orders over to the warehouse.

Where are we taking the ordered quantity from?

This is all about understanding the warehouse layout, the available hardware and the data around quantities to be moved. The ‘where’ – covered through location directives – is not just a configuration it’s the key element of warehouse efficiency. It requires an intelligent design based on business requirements.

How do we have to execute the work in the warehouse?

The last piece in the outbound process is the ‘How’. Work templates describe what flow the goods outbound must follow. The way, work has to be executed, has a number of key influencer. To begin with it’s the ‘Where’ strategy, but also quality related activities, customer requirements such as stacking or labeling or industry specific requirements such as traceability.

The combination of the location directive and the work template strategy defines the time it takes to fulfill your customer order. The outcome of these two has a direct influence when the wave as to be processed to make the slot that is scheduled for the transportation.

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